We all know the best benefit for a good massage like an aromatherapy massage. It’s calming and feels so wonderful. Sometimes, though, we begin to feel guilty for indulging in such an extravagance.

It’s time we excuse ourselves from all of that guilt. Massage therapy is more than just a method for relaxing. In addition to it being a great way of alleviating soreness in muscles after working out, massage improves the blood flow in our bodies.

There are other benefits of massage that are impressive. There are some great reasons to set an appointment at Massage Lee’s Summit as soon as possible for an aromatherapy massage.

Massage for keeping alert.

There is even a study that links therapeutic massage to our brainpower. A 1996 research study noted adults mastered math and computation skills quicker and with improved accuracy after simple 15-minute massage. Versus adults who just tried to still quietly and relax. For the same 15 minute period.

Massage for tolerating cancer treatments.

For the many patients who battle cancer, studies have shown that many benefits are derived from regular massage therapy. These benefits include relaxation, sleep improvement, a decrease in weariness, and much more. Among patients receiving care for cancer, studies have noted multiple benefits of aromatherapy massage. Benefits including immune system function, sleep and a decrease in fatigue, pain, anxiety and nausea.


Massage for headache relief.

The sense of touch is quite powerful, and it seems to assist in limiting the pain from headaches. A study in 2002 discovered that massage therapy can reduce the amount of tension headaches a person gets. Ten males suffering from migraine headaches reported their pain reduced from a result of neck and back massage and therapeutic manipulation. If you are feeling the tension and chronic pain of headaches on a frequent basis, seek a professional massage therapist for advice and treatment.

Massage for stress relief.

If you have ever experienced a massage, you know how relaxing the dim lights and soothing music can be. Healing touch can melt the stress away during the entire session. Massage can reduce the cortisol levels in our bodies and improve health issues like blood sugar, blood pressure, obesity, and dormant immune functions. And, if you have already experienced a basic massage, try an aromatherapy massage spa for an even more relaxing session.


Are you ready to give massage a try?

Maybe you should give it a whirl. In particular, massage can even be just as therapeutic as a professional pampering at one of the finest spas. Multiple studies have shown that certain health perks, ranging from the lessening of back pain to improvements with anxiety and depression. But if nothing else, just enjoy the soothing relaxation experience that comes with an aromatherapy massage.

Can my doctor actually recommend massage?

A recent study in Science Translational Medicine revealed that just a ten minute massage can oftentimes decrease chronic inflammation. Doctors are beginning to recommend a massage on their patient’s medical charts. Consequently, insurance companies are now able to cover the service. Make sure to check with your doctor and insurance company here in Lee’s Summit before assuming. Molecular biologist, Simon Melov from the Buck Institute on Aging explained, “What massage seems to do is reduce the inflammatory response as a function of the damage you incurred while you’re exercising.”

Melov and his colleagues studied 11 healthy males by having them participate in a work out which tested their maximum ability on a stationary bike. A third sample was also taken from the legs, after receiving a ten-minute massage.

Tissue samples from the after-workout massaged leg muscles were greatly different from those who had not received a massage. The massaged samples possessed much less of a protein known as NF-kB. The protein is responsible for creating inflammation following exercise.

Massage can help the cells in our body recover by increasing the amount of PGC-1alpha (another protein), which speeds up the production of mitochondria cells. This process increases the level of muscle energy generated during exercise.


Time to Schedule an Aromatherapy Massage

The health benefits from the power of touch are amazing and extend well beyond alleviating muscle aches and pains. Massage Lee’s Summit provides the best massage in Lee’s Summit. Certainly, anyone who is just plain stressed-out has can have their anxieties relieved by massage. But, today, there is research suggesting that a massage can be even more beneficial than we initially thought.

As much as we know about the benefits of a healthy, aromatherapy massage you may still think that the entire process and experience is a little scary. It’s okay. Specify a gender preference when selecting a therapist. Find out just how many clothes you’ll need to remove. Also ask the appropriate amount to tip, so you aren’t left in an embarrassing situation.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Schedule an appointment today at Massage Lee’s Summit and try it! You just might like it.