Whether you want to improve your relationship, experience a new adventure with your partner, or simply in the market for relaxation, a couples massage is the way to go.  It is common knowledge that a massage can provide many physical, mental, and emotional benefits. However, a massage offers benefits for both you and your significant other while also making your relationship even more special. Here are the top reasons for getting a massage with your partner that will provide both of you with many positive benefits.

Benefits of a Couples Massage

Experiencing activities and hobbies that both you and your partner enjoy can improve the relationship. Supporting each other in separate endeavors is important, but finding a common passion to enjoy together can take your relationship to the next level. A couples massage allows you to experience quality time together, and the deep connection that you have will become even deeper. A couples massage encourages intimacy, feelings of affection, and brings you and your partner closer together. To understand how all of this is possible, let’s take a deeper dive into why getting a couples massage is a great decision to make.

benefits of couples massage therapy

Individual Benefits Of Getting A Massage

Before you and your significant other consider a couples massage, consider the individual benefits of getting a massage as well. There are significant differences in the way you feel, both physically and emotionally, after receiving a quality massage from a trained professional. Initially, you will experience physical changes including relief from muscle stiffness and aches and an increase in blood flow throughout the body. Additionally, you may also experience endorphins that are produced when a massage occurs. If you are experiencing stress or anxiety, massage therapy is known to be calming and mood-boosting. Therefore, a couples massage provides individual benefits mentioned above as well as benefits for you and your partner as a couple. 

Top 5 Benefits of a Couples Massage

1. Quality Time

Part of being in a healthy relationship is spending time with one another. Life can be hectic and schedules can get crazy, so quality time may be difficult to obtain. A couples massage is an excellent outing to get away from life’s stressors and spend time with one another. Quality time brings couples together, and even for just an hour, can strengthen your relationship. Putting your phone, laptop, and other distractions down while receiving an excellent couples massage from Massage Lee’s Summit will do wonders for you and your partner both physically and mentally.

benefits of massage with your partner

2. Increased Affection

While massage therapy releases pent up tension and stress, the therapy also releases natural chemicals including oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. These hormones work together to boost your mood and energy. Oxytocin, in particular, is known as the ‘cuddle chemical.’ After a couples massage, many people feel happier, calmer, and an increased affection towards their partner. 

3. Lowered Stress and Anxiety 

As mentioned before, life has its ups and downs and can be filled with stress and anxiety. For 60 to 90 minutes and days following, life’s heaviness will feel lighter after a massage. Stress and anxiety can put a strain on relationships, but getting a massage releases hormones and eases tension and stress. Without stress and anxiety, you and your partner are able to connect on a deeper level and experience thoughtful conversations. Take action when stress and anxiety levels are high, and consider couples massage to alleviate the stress.

how massage lowers stress and anxiety

4. New Experience

One of the best benefits of a couples massage is experiencing something new with your partner. Couples who experience new things together instantly become more bonded, and a massage is no exception to this. While one of you may feel apprehensive about the idea of massage therapy, remember you’re in it together. In the midst of hectic schedules, it can be difficult to plan trips and weekend get-a-ways. Experience something new by scheduling just a 60-minute massage therapy session with your significant other. 

5. Being Present

Last, but not least, being present with your partner is a huge benefit of massage. Oftentimes, during dinner dates and movie nights, couples miss out on the opportunity to truly be present with one another. Life can get in the way of important moments needed to make a relationship last. A massage is an excellent way to be present with one another and let the distractions melt away. Massage therapy encourages couples to fully relax and embrace the experience while living in the moment. 

Benefits of Regular Couples Massage

As a general rule, getting a massage should not be a one-time event. As you proceed through life, you will strain your muscles, and life can always lead to stressful situations. As you are dealing with these situations daily, you can build up a lot of tension in your body. Mentally, it’s hard enough to deal with problems that may not resolve themselves on their own. From an emotional standpoint, when you have a quality massage done regularly, you can always look forward to feeling better at least once or twice a month. When this is a joint effort, where both of you are going to get a massage on the same day, this will be beneficial for both of you. Not from the standpoint of just how you will individually feel, but how your relationship will grow stronger by experiencing the massage therapy together.

In conclusion, Massage Lee’s Summit recommends forgoing the same old date night of dinner and a movie to experience the numerous benefits of massage together. Schedule an appointment today with Massage Lee’s Summit, and learn more about massage therapy by checking out more of our articles here