Holiday stress can be hard to kick, so Massage Lee’s Summit has tips on getting massages during the busy holiday season! 

Picture this…You have saved for a long time in anticipation of enjoying the holiday of your life in an alluring and exotic location. Finally, the big day comes, and you can’t wait to get to your dream holiday destination. All you are thinking about is the tons of fun activities you have planned, the new memories you will make and the exotic dishes you will taste. While aboard the plane, you can do little else but daydream…

You finally get to your destination, but it has been an 8-hour flight and the jet lag is killing you. To make matters worse, you are in a foreign place and you haven’t yet settled in your hotel room. When you finally do get some rest, your muscles feel fatigued, your mind is numb, and your limbs feel as if they are artificially attached to your body.

How do you get back in top shape so that you can enjoy your vacation as much as possible? Simple, find a spa or quality massage parlor in the vicinity and schedule a massage session to get rid of the holiday stress

Why Should I Get a Massage? 

Travelling can be exhausting and tiring and can suck all the energy right out of your system, but if you want to feel invigorated, fresh and strong as quickly as possible, you should schedule a massage with a proficient masseuse in a top-notch spa or parlor.

Massages have a lot of health benefits and they are the best way to breathe some life to tired muscles. Studies have proven that a massage usually helps reduce holiday stress levels, relieve pain and ease tension in muscles. They also help relieve anxiety, joint pain, fatigue, headaches and they are extremely useful in controlling the negative effects of certain medical conditions.

If you are looking for the ideal way to prepare yourself for the joys that your vacation promises, you cannot go wrong with a massage. To get all the benefits of massage therapy, there are certain considerations that you must make before visiting a spa or parlor. 

Tips for Getting Massages When Traveling During the Holidays

Choosing the Massage Technique

For starters, it is important to know that there are different types of massage techniques. In a high-end massage spa, you will find masseuses who are proficient in offering Swedish massage therapy, deep massage therapy, sports massage, trigger point massages, oriental massages and other types of massage. Each of these massage techniques has its benefits. Before choosing a spa to attend, you should first decide the benefits that you want to get from massage therapy.

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Finding the Best Salon & Spa

The next step is finding a quality massage parlor or spa in your locality. The quality of massage therapies usually differs from one establishment to another. For the best massages, you should find a high-quality spa that is in a great area. The ideal spa should be hygienic and staffed by courteous and helpful staff.

To find a good spa, you can look at the reviews left by past clients of the establishment. You should only schedule a massage session in an establishment that has lots of glowing reviews and high ratings from past clients. High reviews and positive ratings usually point towards a high level of proficiency in service delivery and client satisfaction in a spa.

It is also best that you schedule your session in a facility that offers different types of massage therapies. This is especially important if you do not know the benefits of different massage techniques. In an establishment that offers a wide range of services, the masseuses will explain the benefits of different types of massage techniques allowing you to choose the type of massage that is most beneficial to you.

Before scheduling any session, you should also ascertain that your spa of choice is staffed by highly trained and experienced masseuses. Remember that experience breeds proficiency. If you are attended to by a masseuse with a wealth of experience, you will have a better experience. The masseuses should also be certified and licensed. Professionals who have been trained and certified usually know how to offer exceptional client services.

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You get what you pay for, so choosing a spa shouldn’t be all about the cost.  However, make sure that you understand the pricing model of your preferred spa beforehand. Do you have to pay in cash or does the spa take insurance payments? You should schedule your massage sessions in a spa that you can afford comfortably. After all, you may need to take more than a few sessions throughout the next few months to reduce the holiday stress.

How Your Massage Therapy Session Works

On finding a great spa, you should then schedule an appointment with a masseuse in the facility. Ensure that you understand how massages are done in the spa first. During your first session, wear comfortable clothing and drink plenty of water. Additionally, you should avoid eating a heavy meal before the session.

Before your masseuse starts kneading your muscles, you should inform them of any allergies that you have. Remember that these professionals use oils when offering massages. If you are allergic to any components in the oil, you should let the masseuse know beforehand so that they can tailor your experience in such a way that you will get the best experience.

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During the massage session, you should also communicate with the masseuse on your expectations and what you want them to do or avoid during the session. If you feel that they are not applying the right amount of pressure, let them know! The only way you can get the best massage experience to reduce holiday stress  is by ensuring that you are on the same page with your masseuse.

What to Expect Following the Session

You must remember that the effects and benefits of massage sessions can only be felt after a few sessions. In your first session, you will feel a change in leaving the spa. However, you should schedule sessions regularly. The benefits of massage therapy are usually cumulative. It is best that after having an action-packed and fun-filled day you wind your evening with a massage session. This way, you will be able to rest better and be more invigorated to tackle the next day on a high note.

If you are looking for a relaxed, fun-filled and exciting vacation, you should set aside time for getting massages in your itinerary. Based on the experiences of many people on vacation and traveling home for the holidays, getting massages can help turn your holidays from an exciting experience to a magical experience. Reduce your holiday stress this year with Massage Lee’s Summit