In the following article, Massage Lee’s Summit dives into an alternative medicine known as Reiki. Modern-day life can be constantly demanding of time and deadlines, and this leads to people often getting more stressed, less motivated, and less energized. These are symptoms of the mind and if you remember this and stop criticizing yourself, it is the first step you can take to getting rejuvenated. Finding ways to relax and become free of stress helps the body use its natural ability to heal. When your body uses its natural strength to heal, this can actually help in dealing with many other health issues. Reiki can help to correct your body’s imbalances and promote healing. 

What is Reiki

The word “Reiki” is a combination of “rei” (supernatural or spiritual) and “ki” (vital energy), which is a part of Chinese and Japanese word characters. It is this “ki” which is the vital energy that helps the body to heal itself. It is a therapy that has been known to reduce anxiety and pain, induce relaxation, help in overcoming fatigue, and relieve depression symptoms. 

Reiki is an alternative therapy using hands-on-body healing or palm healing. Commonly referred to as energy healing, the therapy is said to transfer universal energy from the Reiki’s practitioner’s palms to the patient’s palms. By laying their palms on the patient’s body, the natural healing process begins. The use of the hands for the treatment is what has led to people comparing energy healing with massage therapy. Massage tables are also used by Reiki practitioners to impart the healing, giving further credence to the similarity between Reiki and massage.

Energy Healing vs. Massage Therapy

Both massage therapy and Reiki are processes that are considered natural healing and focus on body energy. Massage requires the practitioner to place hands on the patient’s body and manipulate the muscles and other parts of the body, providing relief from aches and pains. Massage therapy boosts energy while also provides a feeling of relaxation. It loosens the muscles and helps to get more oxygen to various parts of the body, encouraging the free flow of the body’s energies. 

Reiki also encourages the free flow of the body’s energies, but in this treatment, the body is only lightly touched. This alternative medicine not only lightly touches the body but also works with energies surrounding the body as well. Different from massage therapy, some Reiki practitioners also claim that they can give this treatment to the patient even if they are far away while they remain receptive to the treatment wherever they are.

what is reiki

Comparing the Histories of Energy Healing and Massage Therapy

Massage has always been known as a form of medical treatment and has been recorded as such in manuscripts found in China, which was dated two thousand years ago. It was widely used to relax muscles after long exertion and helped the body to recover its energy quicker. Reiki, on the other hand, has its origins as recently as 1922, when it was first used and suggested by a Japanese Buddhist, Dr. Mikao Usai. He gave this treatment to many of his patients, and also passed on the techniques to 16 students who were called Reiki Masters, and who was responsible for spreading the knowledge and practice of Reiki to all parts of the world. 

Inside a Session

Energy healing sessions start with the patient lying down, often on massage tables, while the practitioner places hands on the body in various positions, often starting from the head. This placing of hands allows the Reiki energy in the practitioner to flow out and pass on to the patient receiving the treatment. It is still not known how this transfer of energy takes place, but theories say it is the electromagnetic field of the patient that is affected by the energy in the electromagnetic field of the practitioners. 

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Energy Healing Certification vs. Massage Therapy Certification

Massage has a more scientific basis and is based not only on the knowledge of massage techniques but also on knowledge of anatomy. Practitioners are licensed and need to study for anything up to two years to obtain the certification and the license. Reiki does not have any licensing authority, though it is now possible to undergo strict training that allows people to become Reiki Masters.

Reiki and massage can be considered as complementary professions, and many massage therapists also practice energy healing that has been incorporated into their private practices. Massage therapy has strict certification standards and licensing laws, something that is not present in the practice of the energy form of natural healing.

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki has been known to be effective in reducing anxiety, pain in people with chronic afflictions, and has been used to help patients relax and strengthen their feeling of wellbeing. It is a therapy that you can even learn to practice on yourself to clear the mind, reduce anxiety, lessen pain, and regain your health. The therapy can go a long way in helping people to get more involved in their health. Reiki is now practiced by many people in their own homes, where people trained to practice can even help their family and friends. You will also find this form of natural healing being used by healthcare professionals as a type of alternative medicine.  

More benefits of the practice include helping manage chronic pain, headache relief, and treatment for depression and anxiety. Both massage therapy and Reiki have positive effects on both the body and the mind. The two therapies are said to complement each other, and this has led to many massage therapy schools also teaching Reiki techniques.   

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Concluding Reiki vs. Massage Therapy

In conclusion, the main difference between Reiki and massage therapy is the degree of pressure that is applied to the various parts of the body. Massage uses many different strokes for the treatment, while Reiki involves minimal or almost no pressure on the body. Both natural healing processes can do wonders for the mind, body, and soul. Massage Lee’s Summit is here to answer any questions or concerns about massage therapy, and we hope you now have a better understanding of the fascinating energy healing therapy called Reiki.