Sports Massage Therapy

More and more folks are taking advantage of the many benefits of a good massage including athletes and the sports massage therapy method. The art of therapeutic massage has been with us for thousands of years. From improving one’s blood circulation to lymphatic fluid drainage, there seems to be a massage for everyone’s specific need. There are countless therapists and one or more can be found in most areas. Massage Lee’s Summit provides the

Benefits of Sports Massage

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best massages and can help ease chronic pain, reduce stress, lower one’s blood pressure, recover more quickly from injuries, and even help athletes perform better.

Let’s not overlook the best part. A massage feels wonderful, whether the therapy is a sports massage or a hot stone massage.

Massage therapy certainly sounds like something you should have as often as possible. To continue benefiting from the therapy method, you might want to schedule a massage on a regular basis. Consider your goals, health, and lifestyle – then decide how often you should schedule your massages.

Body Wellness and Relaxation

Maybe you are not an athlete or you don’t have an everyday active lifestyle, so a sports massage may not be the type of massage therapy for you. If you are a completely healthy person, massage therapy can still offer a wide range of benefits. Benefits include relaxation, calmness of your nervous system, improved blood circulation, easing of muscle tension, ridding the body of toxins, and better immunity.

However, if you are simply wanting to improve your day-to-day health and seek to escape daily pressures and tension, a massage can do wonders for relieving everyday stress.

If your days are filled with work pressure or you experience daily repetitive motions, a weekly massage session might be ideal for you. Remember that the benefits of massage are generally cumulative. If you leave too much time between massages, you may not retain the improvements.

What is a Sports Massage?

For sports enthusiasts, a massage can do wonders for improving performance and lessen the likelihood of injuries. What are some sports massage benefits? A sports massage can bring different muscle groups into balance and improve joints. Contracted muscles can also elongate and release myofascial adhesions.  Extremely serious athletes might consider two to three massage sessions per week to stay in shape. Many semi-professional and professional sports teams keep a massage therapist on staff for these very reasons.

With nonprofessional athletes, it often depends on the scheduled training. You may need a sports massage for chronic issues with your muscles. Just a couple of massages per month can resolve most pain and muscle stress.

Therapists do not recommend a massage before an athletic event. A sports massage can actually result in muscle soreness and joint mobility trouble. In some instances, actual body mechanics can be affected and cause unwanted athletic disability. If you must get a massage, ask for a Swedish massage, but not penetrating deep tissue massage.

Massage Lee's Summit offers Sports Massage

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Managing Your Pain

As a rule, a weekly massage is recommended for the management of pain. Let your pain level determine how you feel, and use your best judgement. If the pain returns, it may be time for another massage session. If the pain becomes too extreme, seek a medical physician for advice.

For some people, more frequent massages are necessary. Reduction in frequency may come only after soreness is reduced and muscles become more relaxed. Massage therapists will also suggest that you do simple stretching exercises at home. This helps to maintain regular muscle health between scheduled massages.

Recovering from Injuries or Surgery

Massage therapy can oftentimes be an ideal method for recovering from sports related injuries. Coupled with a physician’s care and prescribed medication, a regular massage can accelerate the healing process. Benefits of a sports massage after injuries include: reducing pain, minimizing medication, preventing swelling, eliminating scar tissue and increasing blood circulation in the body.

Please consult your physician when planning to receive a sports massage after surgery or an injury. Massage may not be a suitable option immediately following a surgery or an injury. Blood thinners are a good example. A penetrating massage that goes deep into the muscle tissue could be counterproductive for someone taking blood thinners. When your doctor has approved the idea of a sports massage, a good start is two sessions each week and decreasing the frequency as healing improves.

Is Massage Affordable?

There is a cost involved with regular massage treatments, naturally. Therapists charge between $50 to $150 per hour, depending on the type of treatment and the qualifications of the therapist. Make an inquiry or look for the therapist’s state or national certification. If the therapist is certified, then they have acquired 500 or more hours of qualified training.

Not all health insurance companies cover massage treatments. Be sure to check with your insurance plan. If massage coverage is provided, alert your massage therapist’s office. If you have a referral from a doctor or Chiropractor and need a massage for a specific sports-related injury, you just might be covered. Some insurance companies will regard massage as an acceptable requirement, so maybe have a physician order the massage.  As with massage,  regardless of where you are located in the world, there are great benefits from receiving chiropractic care. Whether in the United States or across the ocean to a Chiropractor in Centurion, Chili, Frankfort, Perth, Indonesia…anywhere on the planet.  Your chiropractors focus is healing your body which includes necessary adjustments and massage therapy.

If you have never tried a relaxing massage, you owe yourself the experience. At the end of your session with Massage Lee’s Summit, you will feel refreshed both mentally and emotionally and leave with a positive outlook!

Benefits to Consistent Sports Massage Sessions

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Whether for relief due to a sporting incident or simply an unwinding way of relaxing, a sports massage just might be what your doctor or your tired muscles ordered. Namaste!