Looking to improve the morale of your company or corporate team? Massage Lee’s Summit dives into the benefits of chair massage and why the massage therapy is such a good investment. Due to the long hours of sitting during the day or night at a workplace, many people struggle with stress and back pains. Long hours of sitting during the day or night makes your muscles become weak and tight. Not everyone has learned the art of proper desk posture, and this results in experiencing fatigue and tension by the end of the day. Continuous sitting results in the employees having acute back injuries and even muscle degeneration. Injuries and muscle pain affects their productivity at work. Massage Lee’s Summit has a solution.

Employers can improve the welfare of their employees by investing in a chair massage at the workplace. Massage therapy enables both the employees and the employer to relax and recharge during a hectic workday. Corporate massage promotes the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of your staff right in the office. As a result, your employees feel energetic and happy most of the time. Employees may even go out of their way to achieve targets that you thought were unobtainable. In short, it is an excellent investment to have at your place of work. Below are the benefits of chair massage at the workplace.

5 Top Benefits of Chair Massage

Physical Health

A corporate chair massage promotes and improves physical health. Massage is known to relieve one from arthritis and improve joint and muscle aches in the neck and back. Most employees tend to experience tension and pain around the neck and back because of sitting for long hours. Through the massage, one is relieved from the discomfort and becomes energized to continue with work. Chair massage helps you work out your kinks and relieve any tension that has built up. Your body will feel energized and ready to take on new challenges.

The massage also helps with stress management by reducing tension and headaches, which contribute a lot to the state of your physical health. If you have been having migraines at the workplace, the corporate massage is a great solution.  Just 15 minutes on the chair massage will improve your blood circulation, strengthen your immune system, and lower your blood pressure. Regular workplace chair massage reduces the need to see a doctor for stress-related issues and anxiety. With the reduced need to see a doctor, massage lowers health care costs because most of the symptoms are addressed during the massage. Chair massage benefits help build healthy employees to have resilience.

benefits of a chair massage in the workplace


Stress is a common problem employees face in the workplace. Sometimes you get bombarded with a complex project which requires you to put in every ounce of your energy into it. You might find yourself stressed more often than not, but remember, this is normal. As much as regular massage will not eliminate the stress from your work, it will help you handle the stress in a better way. Massage helps you control the stress and not vice versa. For those minutes that you get to spend on your chair massage, your body relaxes, your muscles become less tense, and your mind becomes more alert. Some studies show that 15 minutes of chair massage is more effective than a 15 minute break. Additionally, chair massage will help you sleep better at night, and thus, you will be able to handle the stress and pressure in a better way.

Mental Wellbeing

Your mental wellbeing is paramount. If you have psychological problems, you will not be able to focus on your work, and this will result in poor performance at work. Taking some time to have a massage therapy session plays a huge role in promoting your mental health. Like we mentioned before, massage helps reduce stress and anxiety that you may be battling with. If you have stress during the day, but you don’t have a solution to the stress, you may end up getting depressed. Try to avoid the stress, anxiety and depression by practicing self care techniques like massage therapy. Your energy and alertness levels increase when you do the chair massage. Lastly, the massage soothes your nerves and helps you relax.

If you want your employees to perform significantly better, Massage Lee’s Summit recommends to consider investing in a chair massage at the workplace. Chair massage relieves fatigue, making employees more productive during the day. Note that by the massage therapy eliminating anxiety and stress, it reduces the level of absenteeism of your employees. This increases team competitiveness at the workplace and lowers employee turnover. If you’re ready to increase productivity and experience improved job performance, consider a chair massage.

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Last, but not least, massage therapy promotes happiness and contentment in your employees. Investing in a corporate chair massage will boost the company’s overall mood and minimize level of conflicts among the team. The employees are better able to work as a team to solve the challenges they face. Besides, who wouldn’t want to work with jovial employees? Even clients feel more welcomed when they realize that employees are friendly and willing to help. 

In short, the chair massage increases the overall wellbeing of the employees. Employees perceive chair massage as a benefit, and thus, they tend to feel obliged to compensate for the kind gesture by performing even better. Excellent performance is associated with increased morale in the workplace. Strive for a team that is always energized and ready to produce results.

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Investing in a Corporate Chair Massage

Corporate massage is a good investment for your business. Your employees get to reap from the many benefits of having a chair massage including physical health, mental wellbeing, relaxation, and increased productivity. Notice that your employees see this as a benefit, and hence, they will be motivated to perform better. There are so many benefits from massage therapy, so imagine bringing those benefits right into the office with chair massage. Learn more about massage therapy and contact the massage therapy experts of Massage Lee’s Summit for any questions, tips and advice.