What is reflexology massage and what are the benefits of reflexology massage? Massage Lee’s Summit defines and answers questions on this type of massage therapy below. Reflexology massage utilizes pressure rather than needles for activating trigger points using hand techniques, thumbs, or fingers. Reflexology is a 4,000-year-old healing art which promotes improved circulation, pain relief, and keeps the systems in our bodies running smoothly. Furthermore, reflexology can soothe pain during a woman’s pregnancy and help to make cancer treatments a little more bearable.

Sometimes referred to as zone therapy or acupressure, reflexology improves the mechanisms for healing our bodies. It can apply pressure to trigger points in our feet, hands, and ears. Reflexology serves as an optional treatment for a wide variety of health conditions and ailments like depression, pain, sleep disorders and more. If you have issues with pain or stress for extended periods of time, reflexology may be for you.

Top 10 Benefits of Reflexology Massage Therapy

benefits of reflexology massage

Reflexology Massage

For many of us, we have to spend long periods of time on our feet at work every day. You might work in a factory, hospital, office, or out in the fields. That equals a lot of stress and weight on your feet. Foot massage might be the best way for you to ease your mind and get good relaxation. So let’s look at the ten biggest benefits of reflexology massage.

1. Aches and Pains Relief

There are many benefits of reflexology massage, but probably the greatest benefit is how it treats different aches and pains; pain in our neck, migraine headaches, upper and lower backache. Reflexology can relieve muscle tension that leads to other, more serious, conditions.

According to a recent research study, 220 volunteer patients were treated with reflexology. Over 80% of patients reported having been helped or completely cured of headaches and related issues in under three months of therapy. Reflexology treatment improved the general well-being of patients – improving headache pain, increasing energy levels, and improving the way in which patients were able to recognize pain triggers.  

2. Nerves

There are over 7,000 nerve endings in which reflexology can help to stimulate. As we get older, nerve endings are rendered less sensitive. As a result, foot massage can actually improve that stimulation and improve the functions of our nerves, especially in our legs and feet. Reflexology cleans and opens our neural pathways all over the body. Activated neural pathways will improve the conveying of information from your brain to the nervous system.

3. Depression and Anxiety

Serotonin, as many know, is a hormone that is released to our brain by neurons which promotes happiness. If we have a low level of serotonin, we may experience bad moods or even clinical depression. Toe massage actually enhances the production of serotonin hormone. Hypothalamic, adrenal, pineal and pituitary glands are also key hormonal factors in our emotions, which includes the very serious condition of depression. When these reflex points are stimulated by foot massage, the hormones release and our overall condition improves, including alleviating stress and anxiety.

4. Circulation Improvement

Other benefits of reflexology massage include circulation improvement. Blood and oxygen travel to all areas more efficiently. Gentle strokes of the hands, fingers, and feet greatly enhances circulation to our vital organs. Our body’s systems tend to function better with increased oxygen. Our metabolism also increases which results in our cells growing and healing faster. A regular foot massage before bed creates better blood flow in the legs and feet.

5. Healthier Feet

Reflexology massage and benefits from Massage Lee's Summit

Reflexology massage and the benefits to your body

Reflexology can keep our feet have better health. The therapy stimulates the muscles, alleviates stiffness, and reduces foot and ankle pain. It serves as a simple method for keeping your feet from other ailments, like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon, and fungus of the toenails.

Just five minutes of foot massage therapy each day can keep ankles strong and flexible. It can also prevent other, more unpleasant injuries. Foot massage with coconut oil can provide relief from swelling and other foot pain. Heel spurs? Reflexology can even help to relieve pain from chipped and spurred bones.

6. Improved Sleep and Relaxation

After long days at work, especially when standing or walking, a great way to relax is with a foot massage. As we mentioned, reflexology massage therapy opens the neural pathways and our bodies come to a more relaxed state. Stress levels are reduced, resulting in a calming effect throughout our minds and bodies.

Foot massages at night can induce sleep and treat disorders like insomnia. Pressure applied to certain trigger points helps our nerves and bodies relax and get our blood circulating.

7. PMS and Menopause Symptom Relief

Many women suffer from Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and it’s associated issues like irritability, bloating, dysmenorrhea, fatigue, headaches, mood swings, and insomnia. These conditions can be greatly alleviated by daily massage. Reflexology reduces symptoms of menopause like hot flashes and depression.

For treating PMS and menopause, a point known as the Grandfather Grandson Trigger Point, located on the inside of our feet, gentle pressure applied, along with warm massage oil. This procedure can greatly reduce the effects of PMS.

8. Lower Blood Pressure

Hypertension and high blood pressure negatively affects countless people around the world. High blood pressure is linked to kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, and strokes. Another result of the benefits of reflexology massage is lower triglycerides and lower systolic blood pressure.

For anyone with high blood pressure, massage of the solar plexus reflex point is wonderful therapy. The solar plexus can be found by squeezing the side of the foot. Press the reflex point with your thumb for just a few seconds to help lower their blood pressure and alleviate stress and anxiety.

9. Benefits of Reflexology Massage for Cancer Patients

Reflexology massage and benefits

Benefits of Reflexology Massage Lees Summit MO

Reflexology does not (and cannot) cure cancer, but it can bring considerable relief from the effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Benefits of reflexology massage include helping cancer patients sleep, reducing upset stomach, and reducing anxiety. Reflexology can increase blood flow and stimulate the antioxidant activity, slowing the chance for cancers to spread.

10. Detoxification

Too many processed foods and food additives increase our bodies toxins and interferes with the proper functioning of our organs. Additives and pollution also increases the levels of toxins in our bodies and interferes with vital organ function. This can result in pain, fever, and chronic fatigue.  An excellent way to rid ourselves of these toxins is with reflexology.

Reflexology can even improve bladder function, eliminating toxins and unwanted substances more efficiently, which also lowers the risk of infections like urinary tract infections and other health issues.

Many people often benefit from reflexology massage and other regular massages on a regular basis. Avoid reflexology massage, however, if you have injuries or wounds that are still open and healing. Also avoid massage on areas like burns, fractures, or for those with osteoporosis.

In Short

Reflexology might not yet be scientifically proven to be a treatment for disease, but research now suggests, that as a complementary treatment, reflexology can ease pain and stress and improve our overall health. If you are thinking of trying reflexology, seek an appropriately trained therapist; one who is certified by the American Reflexology Certification Board. Visit Massage Lee’s Summit and speak with us about your existing conditions. You can experience the benefits of reflexology massage therapy soon. Schedule an appointment today!