Hot stone massage: What is it?

There are so many hot stone massage benefits and advantages. Massage Lee’s Summit is here to tell you all about hot stone massage therapy including the top 6 hot stone massage benefits. To begin, hot stone massage is massage therapy used to assist with relaxation, the easing of muscle tension, and the repair of soft tissues in your body that have been damaged.

Flat, smooth, heated stones are positioned on certain parts of your body during a hot stone massage. The stones are typically made from a volcanic rock (called basalt), which retains heat. Furthermore, the stones are generally heated to about 140 degrees.

Hot stone massage from Massage Lee's Summit

Stones can be placed:

  • on your spine
  • your stomach
  • your chest
  • your face
  • your palms
  • your toes and feet

A massage therapist will hold these hot stones while they massage your body with a typical Swedish massage technique. The therapist will use:

  • long stroking movements
  • circular-like movements
  • vibrations
  • tapping, and
  • kneading

Oftentimes, even cold stones will be used after a hot stone massage. Instantly, cold stones are placed on your body after the massage to help with soothing the skin and calming swollen blood vessels.

Our top 6 hot stone massage benefits

Most massages typically get categorized as alternative medicine. Conversely, they are becoming more and more popular and sought-after therapy for many conditions. Let’s examine some of the advantages of hot stone massage:

  1. Muscle tension and pain relief

Heat is a widely used remedy for muscle tension and pain. Not only is heat a remedy, but it assists with the increase in blood flow to sore areas of the body. Beyond muscle tension and pain, heat is also helpful for eliminating spasms and can improve range of motion. On the other hand, cold therapy relieves swelling. Alternating cold and hot stones are also helpful during a massage.

  1. Stress and anxiety reduction

The American Massage Therapy Association reports that another benefit of hot stone massage is reducing the effects of stress. A research study from 2001 revealed that just a ten-minute hot stone massage can improve cardiovascular issues like stroke. Another study discovered that a 15-minute chair massage significantly relieves stress compared to a normal 15-minute break in work or activity. Finally, another study found that those who have colorectal abdominal surgery experienced less pain and anxiety after a massage.

  1. Improved sleep

A 2006 study found that stone massage is a good alternative to sleep aids in adults suffering from insomnia. The study showed that heated back massage helps patients relax and get better sleep. Other research studies have shown that babies with sleep disorders who were given a gentle 15-minute massage by mom or dad fell asleep faster. Additionally, infants are also alert, more active, and in a positive disposition when waking up. Hot stone massage helps you to enjoy deeper and more restorative sleep.

4.Relieves symptoms caused by autoimmune diseases

Hot stone massage can help to relieve such conditions as pain from fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is known to cause chronic pain in patients. A 2002 study found that people suffering from fibromyalgia and who received regular massages were able to sleep longer. The study also reported decreased levels of substance P (pain signal transmitters). Year after year, massage is becoming a common fibromyalgia treatment. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis also can benefit from a hot stone massage. These patients tend to see hot stone massage benefits after just a month including experiencing less pain and having a better range of motion.

There are many benefits to hot stone massage therapy.

hot stone massage benefits massage lees summit

  1. Cancer symptoms can decrease

An extensive three-year study in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management looked at pain, stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and nausea in 1,200 people with cancer. The research study revealed that massage improved symptoms associated with cancer, especially those with chronic symptoms. Therapists believe that just the comfort from human touch plays a significant role in the success of the therapy.

  1. Immunity booster

Massage most certainly gives your immune system a boost. A 2010 study found that a single massage positively boosted immunity. Blood samples before and after a massage revealed a significant decrease in the hormones that help regulate our blood pressure and retention of water.

Who will see benefits from a hot stone massage?

Anyone that experiences sore muscles, stress or insomnia will see the benefits of hot stone massage therapy. For more extreme or chronic pain symptoms, seek out a physician to discuss whether this type of massage would be of benefit. Your doctor may even prescribe hot stone massage as a medical treatment.


If you receive a massage from a trained therapist, hot stone massages are quite safe. Only a few circumstances should be avoided. Consult a physician when planning to get a hot stone massage if you:

  • have bleeding disorders
  • take blood thinners
  • sunburn easily
  • have any open wounds
  • have any blood clots or have a clotting history
  • have had any surgeries within 6 weeks of the massage
  • have any broken or fractured bones
  • have osteoporosis
  • have thrombocytopenia or a low platelet count
  • have diabetes

Prenatal massage can certainly help as a stress reliever and can ease difficult symptoms of pregnancy. Most massage therapists, however, will not perform hot stone massage on a pregnant woman. If you are an expectant mother, you should only receive a massage under the supervision of a doctor, As well as, you should only be treated by a trained massage therapist.

It is important to prevent burns during a hot stone massage. Likewise, there should be a barrier between your skin and the hot stones – a towel or sheet. Make sure your massage therapist is taking the proper precautions. Never allow a therapist to use stones that have been heated by a:

  • microwave
  • slow cooker
  • hot plate
  • oven

Hot stone massage benefits summary

In conclusion, hot stone massage can be helpful for reducing anxiety and stress and can help with relaxation and pain relief.

These studies are ongoing to find out why hot stone massage therapy has such a positive impact, but it may have a great deal to do with the power of human touch. For many, the human touch can offer a strong feeling of security and connection.

Benefits of a hot stone massage at Massage Lee's Summit

massage lees summit hot stone massage benefits

Make certain you have an impactful hot stone massage experience by using only a massage therapist like the therapists at Massage Lee’s Summit whom have been trained to massage with hot stones. There may be soreness during the massage or even the following day. This is normal and may be caused by deep tissue pressure and manipulation. However, you should not experience extreme pain. If the therapy is uncomfortable or you feel pain during the massage, tell your massage therapist right away. Massage Lee’s Summit is so excited for you to see the benefits of hot stone massage and other forms of massage therapy. Call us today at (816) 525-9331 to schedule an appointment!